In His Image

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We try to understand ourselves with labels:

I’m an artist.

I’m an introvert.

I’m …not sure who I am.

I’m not enough.

We are like the blindfolded person trying to understand what an elephant is by feeling its toes. There’s so much more to us than we can comprehend in this life.

We feel confused because we can’t understand ourselves. Maybe we spend too much time trying to understand ourselves and giving ourselves psychological name tags - many of which actually limit us.

These things may be part of us, I may be shy, I may have artistic talent, and I may also be confused about where I fit in, but the heart of who I am is a child of God. I am an eternal being created by a God who loves me.

Let yourself unfold in the safety of God’s love, not with the shallowness of the world’s labels.

Our identity comes from being created in God’s image. When we look at Him and when we struggle to become more like Him, who we are becomes more natural for us.

Let Christ, the One who created you and knows your heart, be the foundation for understanding your identity.

Edna KingComment