Do Orthodox Christians read the Bible?

Father Jacob:

Regular reading of Scripture is recommended for all of us. Some do read it daily, some only during Lent. But, whether we read or not, the words we hear spoken during Liturgy are themselves from the Bible. There’s a folder that gives all of the Scriptural references for every sentence in the Liturgy. Orthodox say that the Bible is best understood within the context of the Liturgy. The first third of the Liturgy leads up to the reading of the Epistle and Gospel “in context.” That is, by active  participation within the living context of Scripture itself. After all, nothing in the New Testament is as early as the Divine Liturgy. St. Paul, whose letters are earlier than the written Gospels, quotes passages from the Liturgy. So, when we enter into the Liturgy we are entering into a Scriptural world. All of this being so, even when an Orthodox Christian is reading the Bible alone, they really aren’t alone at all. They are like the Psalmist in the mountains, who, even when he is distant from the Temple and alone, longs for and in his heart really is, always l hearing the Word of God along with all the others who are there.