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A Time to Heal:

When Valentine’s Day is Painful

Khouria Faith gives tips and tricks for surviving Valentine’s day as a single Orthodox Christian.

Contemporary Conversations:

Jordan Peterson: A Theological Perspective

Jacob discusses the cultural relevance of Jordan Peterson and the potential benefits and detriments that has for Orthodox Christianity.

Dare to Search Inward: Counting the Freckles

In her new series, Dare to Search Inward, Paula writes about giving up “perfectionism” for “brokenness”and what we are missing by being engulfed in the traps of “perfectionism”.

The Foreground:

A Conversation: Through the Eyes of a Child

Through a thoughtful conversation with her son, Angie considers his outlook on life and wonders how to tell him he is loved and cherished.

Introducing Beside still waters

In her first blog post, Isabelle kicks off her new series by sharing a time when God’s voice was loud and clear.

Learning the Language of Life

Almost six months after losing a baby, Khouria Faith writes about healing while grieving her miscarriage.

Theology unplugged: the least of these

Why has Orthodox Christianity historically insisted on caring for those who are poor, sick, and in need? Jacob discusses how we can encounter Christ in the poor and the downtrodden.

Ask father: Call no man father

Fr. Paul answers your question about why we call our priests (and some monastics) “father”.

Contemporary Conversations:

Fasting (Feat. Chris Pratt)

Edna challenges our ideas about fasting with a little known fact: some celebrities fast and it’s pretty cool.

Theology Unplugged:

Pan-Orthodoxy and the Language Debate

Why do many Orthodox parishes use languages in their services most people don’t understand, and what are the impacts of this on modern Orthodox youth? Join Jacob as he explores these questions through both historical and theological lenses.

Choosing to march

Edna travels to Washington DC to participate in the 2019 March for Life with thousands of other Christians.

A March for life

In conjunction with our special seasonal series, I Have Come to Give You Life, Angie reflects on last year’s March for Life in Atlanta Georgia.

Ask father: concerning the theotokos

In the first installment of “Ask Father”, Fr. Paul answers a question many of us have about the Theotokos.