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In the Beginning was the Tao

Journey with Edna and she discovers the Chinese Orthodox church and the concept of Christ as the eternal Tao.

Lost and Found

Angie writes about how losing a pair of glasses can sometimes lead to baking a cake with her son.

What is Goodness?

How can we trust in God's goodness in light of the suffering we see in the world and in our own lives?

A New Way to be Human

What does it mean for us to be human beings? Jacob discuses what it means to be human from a patristic and scriptural perspective.

Choosing Stillness

Angie discovers peace by the lake as she works to still the intellect and body through prayer.

Out of the Depths

How do we give comfort and real help to our loved ones who are depressed or might be struggling with suicidal thoughts? Edna encourages us to strive, pray, be present, and seek professional help for those we love suffering from depression.

The Work of Waiting

Khouria Faith reflects on how tending a vegetable garden is helping her learn watchfulness, new strategies for managing worries and fear, and how to face frustrations in a more productive way.

An Epic Fantasy Read for Summer

Wouldn’t it be great if a creative yet grounded Orthodox Christian wrote epic fantasy novels which could reach a modern audience, inspire heroism, and explore beautiful deep truths without being contrived or preachy? Edna reviews Nicholas Kotar's epic fantasy books which just might be what we're looking for.

Preaching the Gospel of Hell

Reflecting on his experiences talking with controversial college campus preachers and the Orthodox celebration of Pascha, Jacob discusses what implications Christ’s descent into hell has for our modern culture.

Run to Him

This week, Paula writes about what to do when someone hurts you deeply by misunderstanding you. Through the words of Elder Thaddeus, she reminds us that in humility and compassion we do not hide from our Lord but we run to Him.


Angie writes about how her family prepares for Pascha by praying through their hearts and their yard work.

Dying with Christ

Why do Orthodox Christians go to such lengths to observe Holy Week with multiple services per day? Join Jacob as he discusses our participation in the death and resurrection of Christ during Holy Week.

The Softener of Evil Hearts


I’ve Been Looking for This My Whole Life

The Soul is Greater Than the Body


Contemporary Conversations: Praying for Life

Missing God in Lent

Theology Unplugged:

The Victory of the Cross