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Dying with Christ

Why do Orthodox Christians go to such lengths to observe Holy Week with multiple services per day? Join Jacob as he discusses our participation in the death and resurrection of Christ during Holy Week.

The Softener of Evil Hearts

Edna inspires us to seek the Theotokos’ intercession for Paris after the tragedy of Notre Dame, remembering that the Theotokos is our refuge in times of suffering and loss.


In this review, Edna offers an Orthodox woman's perspective on the movie Unplanned. Unplanned is the true story of Abby Johnson, a young Planned Parenthood clinic director who experiences a complete change of heart when she sees an ultrasound image of an abortion and ultimately becomes a pro-life activist.

Missing God in Lent

As we approach the end of the lenten season, Khouria Faith reminds us that “the goal of Lent is not a perfectly kept fast; it is love.”

Contemporary Conversations: Praying for Life

Edna reflects on her experience praying for life at an abortion clinic in Atlanta.

Theology Unplugged:

The Victory of the Cross

Reflecting on the way the crucifixion is portrayed in scripture and iconography, Jacob explores why the cross has become a symbol of victory for Orthodox Christians.

I’ve Been Looking for This My Whole Life

In the latest installment of Keeping Our Young People in the Church, Angie interviews EO’s very own Isabelle Ryerson about her unique journey to Orthodoxy.

The Soul is Greater Than the Body

A new Lenten Series where EO writers reflect on Great Lent as a time of spiritual cleansing for both body and spirit.

Our God is a Consuming Fire

Guest Author, Sub-Deacon Matthew reflects on the icon of the last judgement and the meaning of the river of fire in the book of Daniel.

Of Whom I am First

Khouria Faith explores the meaning of the phrase “Of Whom I am First” in the pre-communion prayer of the Divine Liturgy.

Creating a Culture that values

Edna gives advice on how we as Orthodox Christians can contribute to a culture which values life.

Dare to Search Inward: Counting the Freckles

Christ is Risen and Life Reigns!


Dare to Search Inward: Breaking Destructive Thoughts

Contemporary Conversations:

Jordan Peterson: A Theological Perspective

The Foreground:

Jesus is the Light of the World

A Time to Heal:

When Valentine’s Day is Painful