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Our bloggers create series of blogs in order to share even more intentional content with the Engage Orthodoxy community. Check in on your favorite series for new posts or better yet, subscribe below for series and post updates.


Contemporary Conversations

Movies, social media, current issues about the modern ways we live our lives, and other timely topics, written about from a practical perspective, are the heart of Contemporary Conversations. The focus is not on how scary modern issues are, but rather how does this affect me as an Orthodox person and what positive steps can I take to help make something better? Contemporary Conversations is a collaborative series written by several EO writers.

Keeping Our Young People in the Church

In this series, Angie Nasrallah spotlights places where she sees teens and young people staying connected in the church, in spite of prevailing societal trends. Hopefully, these examples will encourage us in our longing to keep our youth in the cradle of faith.

Dare to Search Inward

When we receive the Lord’s Grace we are known and humbled. Only then can we be empowered to be honest with ourselves in our brokenness, in our need for Him and in His Love to be renewed. Not in perfectionism but in brokenness. Written by Paula Marchman, Dare to Search Inward explores the complicated struggles we find in all kinds of relationships.


Theology Unplugged

Theology Unplugged is a blog series that seeks to break down complex theological topics in a way that is understandable and can be applied to daily living. Each post will take a complicated issue in the scriptures or the church fathers and attempt to explain it in a way that is concrete instead of abstract. Join Jacob as he slugs through understanding Christ's incarnation, death, resurrection, the Church, and everything in between.


The Foreground

The Foreground, by Angie Nasrallah, is a blog series providing a glimpse into what one family is attempting to make prominent: a life in the church. We are a family of seven with some in the nest and some out. We have kids in college, in high school and in middle school. One of us is a sub deacon and one of us runs the parish book store. Orthodox for 14 years, one of us attends a Greek church and the rest attend our local OCA parishes. What’s in our foreground? Come join us and find out.


A Time to Heal

A Time to Heal is a blog series by Khouria Faith Potter which explores different facets of the healing resources present within Orthodoxy. Through delving deeper into and reflecting on the feasts, hymns, and wisdom of the Church, Kh. Faith shows practical ways to apply the medicine of Orthodoxy to the wounds in our lives.