Out of the Depths

How do we give comfort and real help to our loved ones who are depressed or might be struggling with suicidal thoughts? Edna  encourages us to strive, pray,  be present, and seek professional help for those we love who suffer from depression.

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An Epic Fantasy Read for Summer

Wouldn’t it be great if a creative yet grounded Orthodox Christian wrote epic fantasy novels which could reach a modern audience, inspire heroism, and explore beautiful deep truths without being contrived or preachy? Edna reviews Nicholas Kotar's epic fantasy books which just might be what we're looking for.

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An Orthodox Movie Review of Unplanned

In this review, Edna offers an Orthodox woman's perspective on the movie Unplanned. Unplanned is the true  story of Abby Johnson, a young Planned Parenthood clinic director who experiences a complete change of heart when she sees an ultrasound image of  an abortion and ultimately becomes a pro-life activist. Unplanned is currently playing in theaters.

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