Just Be Yourself

By Presbytera Jocelyn Mathewes

January 2019
Just be yourself.png

Looking back on my early years of motherhood, I wish I had told myself earlier that it’s okay to be “just” a mom in church.

And by “just,” I don’t mean it in the way we tend to say it when we minimize things. “Oh, it’s just a little cold,” or, “Oh, it’s just a scratch, you’ll be fine.”

What I mean by the word “just” in “just a mom,” is the word in the essence of exactly–it is sufficient, fulfilling, completely satisfactory. My role as mother is just right for church; nothing more (or less) need be done than that.

This is reassuring to me, because I often sense that I am lacking; that I must do more in order to suffice. And yes, there are so many ways to be of service to the church, to the faith, and to God, but forgetting the importance and fullness of my primary role is little more than chasing shadows.

Because sometimes I try to fill my plate rather than widening my heart. I do my role a disservice when I let my desire to appease others, my desire to appear proficient, to glorify in my busy-ness, or to distract myself run away with me. It warps my mind and I buy into a lie. But this I know: my role (Christ-follower, mother, educator, provider, leader) as sufficient, and no more need be added to it.