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Exploring the Legacy of the Saints

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Glorified is a blog series where Engage Orthodoxy writers reflect on the lives and words of the saints. Every week, we will commemorate men and women who have been glorified by the church through sharing thoughts and reflections on their lives and teachings.

Please feel free to join EO writers in this new series by leaving a comment with the names and quotes of saints you admire.

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We ought to have the most lively spiritual union with the heavenly inhabitants, with all the saints, apostles, prophets, martyrs, prelates, venerable and righteous men, as they are all members of one single body, The Church of Christ, to which we sinners also belong, and the living Head of which is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. This is why we call upon them in prayer, converse with them, thank and praise them, It is urgently necessary for all Christians to be in union with them, if they desire to make Christian progress; for the saints are our friends, our guides to salvation, who pray and intercede for us.
— St. John of Kronstadt, My Life in Christ

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