One Good thought

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Do you ever simply feel like you need a good word? A good thought, such as a Bible verse or a quote from someone wise gives us a better direction for our own thoughts to ramble in. One Good Thought is written to do just that, to offer an encouraging word for us to ponder --along with questions or ideas which bring the thought into the reality of our modern lives and lastly, a prayer. Written by Edna King, who co-authored Woven, One Good Thought is deep enough to inspire adults, but it’s family friendly so you can read them with your kids before school or at bedtime. We hope you are inspired and encouraged by these words.

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Edna King

Edna King is a former teacher and preschool director. She earned a Bachelors in Education and a Masters in Early Childhood Education. She and her husband Mark are parishioners at Saint Elias in Decatur, Georgia. Mark directs the choir and Edna assists in the church Bookstore. Mark and Edna have four children. Edna’s oldest child is an adult, her youngest child is in heaven after a lengthy battle with cancer, and her middle children are adopted boys from Ukraine. Edna is one of the authors of Woven, a book for teen girls, as well as articles for Engage Orthodoxy and the Sounding Blog on OCN. As a writer and member of the Engage Orthodoxy team, she brings a unique perspective on parenting and draws upon her varied life experiences, 17 years of teaching, and the Orthodox faith to help other parents with their challenges.