The Foreground

The Foreground is a blog series providing a glimpse into what one family is attempting to make prominent:  a life in the church.  We are a family of seven with some in the nest and some out.  We have kids in college, in high school and in middle school.  One of us is a sub deacon and one of us runs the parish book store.  Orthodox for 14 years, one of us attends a Greek church and the rest attend our local OCA parishes. What’s in our foreground?   Come join us and find out

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Angie Nasrallah

Angie Nasrallah is a writer, teacher, urban farmer, wife and homeschooling mother to five children. A graduate of Florida State University, she also earned her M.Ed in Secondary English Education from The University of Georgia. Angie began her teaching career at UGA as a graduate assistant in the Challenge Program for gifted and talented students. Since that time, she has taught writing and literature in a variety of contexts including public and private school, technical school, hybrid school and homeschool. She currently teaches her youngest son at home. An avid nature lover, Angie enjoys spending time with her boys discovering and photographing cool earthy things. With the older kids, she often finds herself in the role of coach and encourager. When she’s not with her family or out tending the chicken coop, you might find her writing stories and articles for her blog. She and her husband, subdeacon Matthew, live in Marietta, Georgia and are actively involved in St. Basil the Great Orthodox Mission.