Introducing Contemporary Conversations

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Movies, social media, current issues about the modern ways we live our lives, and other timely topics,  written about from a practical perspective, are the heart of Contemporary Conversations. The focus is not on how scary modern issues are, but rather how does this affect me as an Orthodox person and what positive steps can I take to help make something better?   Examples include the following:

  • How does cell phone usage affect our personal interactions? What effect does cell phone usage have on our teens and what do we, as Orthodox Christians who believe that we are created to communicate with and become like God, do about the problems simmering in our society due to modern issues like the overuse of cell phones?

  • What is going on with teen suicide and what can I, as an Orthodox Christian do about this tragedy?  

  • How are movies such as Paul Apostle of Christ helpful in spreading the Gospel?  

  • Why is Tim Tebow's story so powerful for our teens?

  • Why does it matter when a celebrity announces that she lives only to please herself? How do statements like that affect our teen girls--especially when such statements are widely lauded as empowering for women?

These and many other current issues are explored in our Contemporary Conversations series written by Edna King, co-author of Woven, and Engage Orthodoxy Staff Writer, Jacob Sparks.