A dog's love.png

A Dog’s Love

by Edna King

My dog loves to be near me. She stays by my side all day, often sleeping behind my chair while I’m writing, or following me from room to room. She spends her day guarding me. Even when it looks like she’s napping, she’s alert to what I’m doing, and ready to protect or play with me.

Sometimes she lets me know she’s disappointed, but then she forgets about it and moves on. She’s able to be happy again right away. How I appreciate that ability to forgive and forget!

A dog is better than I am, for he has love and does not judge.
— St. Xanthias

Do you have special animals in your life? What do you think St. Xanthias meant by dogs love and don’t judge? How do animals help us understand God’s love?

Lord, thank you for the animals in my life and for the way they show us a little peek at Your love.